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Perfected 100% All-natural Higher PPM Colloidal Silver and Pure Antioxidants! We can offer 500 to 18000 PPM! We present High PPM Concentrations of ATOMIC Particles! Trillions of Atomic Particles of Silver, Gold or other Noble Metal Antioxidants attached to 3000 to 18,000 PPM of Water Molecules. With TRILLIONS of Atomic Size Particles, there are a lot more "Micro Bullets" out there to do the job, they are significantly more distributed, and may well have substantial devastating effects on Viruses, Bacteria, and Due to the fact of the Super Tiny Size of the Atomic Particles, they may penetrate incredibly properly at the Cellular Level, speedily slipping ideal by way of anything that the free radical is produced Neglect Obtaining an Highly-priced Colloidal Silver Generator!

You can DILUTE our High PPM Merchandise by adding water! Ounces (10 Gallons) of 36 PPM! Ounces (3.75 Gallons) of one hundred PPM! The Higher the PPM the A lot more You can make! Prevent the Dangers of creating Toxic Low PPM Colloidal Silver. Prevent the Charges of the costly silver wire that wastes swiftly. Stay clear of the risk of acquiring colloidal silver generators that only work a couple of Atomic Size Particle Antioxidants. Low, Mid-variety, and Higher PPM Concentrations. Chemical Totally free Colloids that Pass the Freeze Test, Heat Test, UV Test. Colloids that can be combined mixed and blended with other drinks. A vast assortment of distinct Noble Metal Antioxidants that are one hundred% All-natural.

NO Chemicals or Herbal Based Catalysts are EVER Applied or Added! INTERNATIONAL Prospects: If you want to order our items you could have to speak to your Credit Card Provider, or Bank to acquire a correct zip code that will work for your credit card. We always use Protected Meals Grade PET or PETE polyester bottles which is typically utilized for carbonated beverage, water bottles and numerous meals solutions. PET offers extremely fantastic alcohol and vital oil barrier properties, usually superior chemical resistance. This material does not deliver resistance to quite high-temperature applications—max. F (93 °C). We now offer Glass Bottle Options for certain sizes, Orders outside the continental U.S.A., will be shipped in PET safe bottles.

On larger 1 gallon bottles, we only use High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is FDA-authorized meals grade. Although HDPE offers good protection at under freezing temperatures, it cannot be employed with items filled above 160 °F (71 °C). These solutions have not been evaluated by the United States Meals and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, remedy or protect against disease. The info supplied on this web page is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for guidance from your doctor or other overall health care expert. You need to not use the details on this internet site for diagnosis or remedy of any health issue or to prescribe medication for a treatment. You need to always seek advice from with a healthcare professional ahead of starting any diet or supplementation system. Item availability, pricing, and promotions are subject to modify with out notice.

A nebulizer is the most efficient way to get colloidal silver into the lungs. Use a teaspoon’s worth 3 instances each day for ten to 15 minutes to treat pneumonia or bronchitis. Colloidal silver might have other advantages. It’s thought to destroy waterborne parasites, and it can also treat other digestive complications such as diverticulitis, bloating, abdominal pain, gas, indigestion, and acid reflux. There could also be colloidal silver benefits for cancer. It’s essential to know how to use colloidal silver. This will depend on the condition it is treating. For skin situations, two to five drops can be applied to the skin. For wounds, one particular to two drops can be applied to a bandage.

For pink eye, 1 to two drops can be applied to the eyes. Use a complete eyedropper (orally) for immune support. For sinusitis or other respiratory situations, five drops can be applied to a neti pot or made use of in colloidal silver There are both colloidal silver rewards and side effects. Though there is restricted study supporting colloidal silver advantages and risks, some reports suggest that colloidal silver may possibly bring about poor absorption of certain drugs. That stated, you may hear that colloidal silver causes an irreversible condition known as argyria that turns eyes and skin permanently grey or blue. However, this is triggered from the misuse of more affordable merchandise marketed as colloidal silver, such as silver protein or ionic silver, not correct colloidal silver.

Former Baseball Star Billy Koch from Oakland A’s has Morgellons, watch video here! How to remedy it! Study extra, not everybody with Morgellons will have open or oozing sores on their physique, I Only had the odd one particular! Yet I got thousands out of my physique! Pretty crucial as we are being misdiagnosed! Vitamin C 1000 - 6000 mg Daily We use Ascorbic Acid Chewable (boost dose gradually) Proven by ‘Carnicom Institute’ to kill Morgellons so quite crucial! NOTE: If you see net-like strings in the grass or on something outdoors such as trees, lawn furniture, do not go near it as Morgellons are being rained down in this material from Chemtrail planes.

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37 Approaches To Heal Your Leaky Gut
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See information and facts beneath in Morgellons exposed! Keep away from all GMO food as Morgellons are becoming discovered in them. Go back to GMO Web page for much more info on GMO shopping guide on how to steer clear of them. Morgellons Syndrome frequently mistaken for Candida or Adrenal Exhaustion (I was told I had both) which is really a man made illness brought on from Chemtrails , and possibly even GMO Foods! Morgellons are identified all through the Whole body and have a vast range of symptoms and can be stimulated by E.M.F. A test to see if you have it can be found right here. Note: This test involves alcohol which we do not market, one particular can merely obtain de-alcoholized sparkling red grape juice as an alternative.

5 actions to get rid of Morgellons…. Step 2 - Epsom Salts Warm Baths 2 Cups twice per day. Add 1 to 2 Tbs. Tbs. of Alfalfa powder to this bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes. You must see the Morgellons in the bottom of the tub or floating you will then know you are obtaining achievement. They stick to the green alfalfa powder. Now apply a thin layer of Glycerin over your physique, which can be located at your local Drug Retailer, leave on until the next bath as it smothers them. If they are on your head rub lime juice on your head just before bath, then soak your head beneath the water and shampoo as usual. I use a shampoo that has mint in it, as they hate it or tea tree shampoo!

You may perhaps feel stinging, that is okay that indicates you are killing them! Step three - Colloidal Silver, one teaspoon per day growing to 1/4 cup per day, over a 2 month period (to assist reduce die off reactions such as headache, foggy brain etc.). To cut costs you can invest in your own Colloidal Silver maker, just Google it. Step 4 - Obtain Paragon at your local well being retailer, and take it according to directions, this kills the super bug! Buy 4 of the strongest Neodymium Magnets you can find! Reduce 4 x 2″ x 8″ Velcro Strips. Lay one particular Velcro strip on a table. Place a magnet approx. Now lay the other Velcro strip on top rated sticking the two together. Note: Stager the Velcro strips approx.

Every Magnet Velcro Band will go about your ankles/wrists, 1 magnet on prime of your wrist/ankle and the other on the bottom. Wear the Velcro Magnet Bands 24/7 other than for bathing. This system is a lot more appealing to the eye. If you have discomfort anyplace on your physique you can also apply this magnet to the region for a though and it usually brings relief if not attempt soaking that area in your bath (see below). I also noticed going swimming kills them, or possessing a hot tub as chlorine salts are toxic to them as effectively! Also if you feel you have a lot more phlegm than usual be confident to hold spitting it out, it is your physique ridding them!

Disclaimer: You may possibly really feel also sick doing all this go slow and back off a bit if it gets too intense. I suffered a lot mainly because I went too quick. If you feel as well a lot crawling or bighting, the baths are generally very good and make you really feel instant relief! And be confident to drink lots of purified water day-to-day! Other productive treatments for Morgellons Chemtrail disease…. Visine Allergy or "Clear Eyes Allergy" eyes daily, or open your eyes in the bath, you will really feel stinging and bits of stuff in your eyes. That is okay just blink and they will fall into your bathwater. Gargle regularly with non-alcohol Sparkling Grape Juice and spit into sink you will see the Morgellons come out. Also drink a handful of ounces a day of the sparkling grape juice as they hate it, it kills them or consume red grapes and seeds!