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One of a kind inventor perfects Colloidal silver production creating it a true Almost everything can be improved. That is the essence of Human endeavour. Colloidal Silver is created using the understanding that anything is Matter is just particles, from quarks to electrons to protons, to atoms to nano to colloids to rocks to planets to suns and then galaxies. Tesla stated anything was energy, frequency and vibration and publicly debated with Einstein about mass (matter) equations. Though Tesla built the power of the 20th Century, Einstein won with particles. Quite a few properly published scientists reject the particle theory and supply the Electric Sun or Electric Universe theory which rejects the old theories that the sun is a particle mass power equation.

Emoto and his water crystals stand in stark contrast to the H2O theory. The field energy of the mind effects water crystals. There is a gifted, intuitive inventor who lives in New South Wales, Australia who has divine inspiration about the globe around him. Joe, as he is known, can see the energy fields of matter and their interaction. One particular day about 10 years ago he was handed a 2 wire colloidal silver He refused to drink or even taste the liquid it made. Not only did it not appear suitable to him he knew it would taste poor also. There is no limit to the quantity a single can drink each day and a single lady drank a full glass every day of her pregnancy. The wires do not degrade ever.

The water turns a milky colour in about 5 minutes and tests just 10 ppm. A lot more than one hundred of these SilverJoe Silver option generators have been made use of in the last ten years. This 'Field Science' of water by means of the application of electro and magnetic devices has actually millions of utilizes. Joe has, by studying water and the energy fields he 'sees', made dozens of inventions and prototypes of which some are identified like the 'JoeCell' and much more. To study extra see joecellwaterscience. This is not the forum to expand on them. The production of water with silver and all the positive aspects with no side effects has been revolutionized by 'Field Science'. A New Way of Generating Silver Water or Upgraded Colloidal Silver. DC power source and the other wire is connected to the -neg DC energy source.

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Patience is needed as this procedure can take pretty a when, hours even. Considerably debate can then be had by the variance and source of electrical energy, parts per million, ionic content material and a host of variables pitting one particular apparatus against another as to the "greatest" sort or colour of Colloid. This "colloidal silver" can only be consumed in minute quantities as huge doses can turn the skin blue and may be toxic at larger doses. When a wire from the good to the adverse of a power source is connected, the wire will heat up. If sufficient present is obtainable, the program will burn out, melt or degrade. However, when you make a TESLA inspired wire coil method, a one of a kind 'magnetic field' is developed and amazing issues take place.

This field, if in a vacuum will create light. Water will also boil. Without having the Tesla LIKE coil neither happens. This was Tesla's legacy to the The Tesla coil allows for forms of electrical energy to do function. The Tesla coil is genuinely Field Science. Tesla mentioned every thing is Frequency, Power and Vibration. TESLA purposely omitted referring to particles, colloids, ions, electrons or even atoms in his operate. So opposed was he to this line of thought that he publicly debated with Einstein about the THEORY of Matter and other scientific theories and equations of the time. This TESLA inspired coil is Field Science. Consequently from a purely 'energy' point of view we may well ponder on how to make an Energy Field of Silver in water that prevents the wire degrading in the "colloidal silver" procedure.

As seen in magnetic fields, two straight wires interacting with one one more can not generate a field effect. No magnetic field is designed as the current is restricted to interacting with each and every other by a 90 degree spike amongst the two wires as its form of interaction. Electrolysis is not field science. Battery sourced DC and Emoto's water crystals. Low voltage batteries as utilized in modest gadgets in the variety of 1.5 to 9 volts are created from a assortment of materials. Lithium, Nickel, Cadmium, Mercury and others. We all know of the biological toxicity of these heavy metals. Just as a single can meditate on a glass of water and Emoto's camera can photograph the crystalline structure alter.

So to does water energised with these heavy metal batteries impact the crystalline structure of water affecting the life force power qualities of the water. The use of such a source of DC power is to be avoided at all costs. The weak DC developed by a single cell 1.5V Lead acid battery is the exception but even Edgar Cayce mentioned to reduce the Neg wire and spot a gold insert to condition the energy for biological use. This does on the other hand, make the apparatus of( colloidal) silver water production rather bulky as 1 requires several such "wet cell" Interestingly, by employing electricity to power up two plates or two wires, you get electrolysis. Electrolysis is a degrading method as it is not renewable nor is it Magnetic Field around the wires, taking benefit of the 90 degree interaction.