Unit 1

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This unit is the first core unit of the Cambridge TEC. It consists of the following 4 Learning Outcomes. Each of which is split into a number of assessment opportunities

LO1 Understand the personal attributes valued by employers


explain the personal attributes valued by employers

For this task you will be researching a number of job roles that exist within the ICT marketplace. For each job you will be expected to research a number of different attributes that relate to each job.

The jobs to be researched are as follows:

For each of the job roles you will need to consider the following:

Personal attributes (e.g. self motivation, leadership qualities, respect, dependability, punctuality, problem solving, determination, independent workers, time management, team working, written numerical and verbal skills, planning and organisational skills) Good working practices (e.g. Health and Safety, following organisational procedures, adhering to legislation)

For ech job you have to research:Job Description,Key attributes,Qualifications required,Key responsibilities of the job and Legislation that may affect their role. ----Jordan Kelly (talk) 12:49, 21 November 2012 (UTC)


explain the different personal skills that employers 
may require for specific IT job roles

To ensure you reach the Merit criteria for this task you will be filling in a table within the booklet template that compares the skills and qualifications required for each of the jobs listed. You must find a description and lots of detailed information for each of the jobs listed using the internet and properly source the description to shows that your work is not plagourised this is shows by your tutor.--S.Murtaza (talk) 15:08, 20 November 2012 (UTC)

You may use the following layout to produce your table:

Qualification Description Jobs needed for
Enter the qualification Describe it State which jobs needed for

You will need to think about a whole range of qualifications. You may consider:

Others you may find

LO2 Understand the principles of effective communication

For this task you will be creating a presentation which explains the principles of effective communication. The principles that must be covered are as follows:

Interpersonal skills (e.g. verbal conversation, lip reading, signing) Verbal communications Non-Verbal Communiation Questionning techniques (e.g. closed, open, probing questions, response times) Written communication (e.g. emoticons, note taking, reports, letters, faxes, email) Proofing documents (e.g. grammar checking, spell checking, proofreading, punctuation) --Pra6066 (talk) 10:46, 13 November 2012 (UTC) Amelia Enderby

LO3 Be able to use IT to communicate effectively

LO3 is split into 3 sections; LO3a, LO3b and LO3c. I am going to explain what you need to do for LO3a: Task 1 You need to create a report to analyse the purpose, strengths and weaknesses of a number of IT communication methods. The communication methods are as follows:

Presentation software Word Processing Email Wikis Blogs/vlogs Instant messaging Video conferencing Podcasting Lay the report out in the following manner.

For each communication method you should have the following headings:

a) Description of the communcation method b) Features of the communication method b) Strengths of the communication method c) Weaknesses of the method

--Pra6066 (talk) 11:00, 13 November 2012 (UTC) Amelia Enderby

LO4 Be able to address personal development needs